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With over 20 years of expertise in the hardwood flooring industry, we take pride in serving the residents of Maxton, North Carolina, and beyond.

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Southern Pines Hardwood Flooring


Trusted & Reliable Hardwood Flooring Company in Southern Pines, NC

Proudly serving in North Carolina for more than Two decades

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Are you looking for the best hardwood flooring company in Southern Pines, North Carolina?

Southern Premier Hardwood Flooring is your best bet for high-quality services. We provide a variety of excellent hardwood flooring alternatives to help you revive the look of your spaces.

We offer the following services:

Custom Wood Floor Design in Southern Pines, NC: With our custom wood floor design services, you can turn your living spaces into pieces of art. Our trained professionals collaborate with you to create one-of-a-kind patterns and rich inlays that reflect your personal style and tastes.

Floor Refinishing & Repairs in Southern Pines, NC: With our experienced refinishing and repair services, you can bring back the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Let us solve any flooring difficulties with precision, and say goodbye to scratches and stains.

Floor Removal in Southern Pines, NC: Are you ready for a new beginning? Our professional floor removal services prepare the way for your new hardwood floors by removing the old ones and leaving a smooth area ready for installation.

Floor Installation in Southern Pines, NC: Our dedicated staff of professionals provides pristine hardwood floor installation. To achieve a flawless and durable finish, we thoroughly prepare the flooring and lay each plank with care.

Southern Premier Hardwood Flooring is the company you can trust for outstanding hardwood flooring services in Southern Pines, NC. If you’re interested in installing beautiful hardwood flooring in your space, we encourage you to get in touch with us right away.