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With over 20 years of expertise in the hardwood flooring industry, we take pride in serving the residents of Maxton, North Carolina, and beyond.

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Set free your creativity and personalize your hardwood floors with custom designs, tailored to match your style and vision.

Consultation and Vision

At “Southern Premier Hardwood Flooring,” we believe in bringing your creative ideas to life. Our custom wood floor design process begins with a consultation to allow your ideas to grow. During this session, we will discuss your design influences, preferences, and goals. We pay close attention to your ideas and offer experienced advice on how to refine them and bring them to life in the most harmonic and functional way possible.

Design and Visualization

Once we’ve caught your idea, our design professionals methodically develop a personalized wood floor design that matches your personality and vision. We use different representational methods to show how your design will transform your space using our creative abilities. Before the actual installation, you can see how the numerous details, patterns, and colors come together to form a unified masterpiece.

Masterful Creation

Once the design has been chosen, our expert craftsmen begin the careful process of bringing your custom wood floor design to life. Every plank, pattern, and detail is executed with unrivaled accuracy. We select the finest wood species, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to accentuate the elegance of your design. Our installation procedure guarantees that each part aligns flawlessly, resulting in a wood floor design that is not only physically attractive but also a monument to our commitment to excellence.


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